Mary Kate has cultivated several original zines, each consisting of original work and her own written word. They can be seen here digitally but can be purchased in print. Leave a note via the contact page for interest in purchase.

"What's in your sketchbook?" is a zine dedicated to the more casual, day-to-day practice of drawing. It culminates some of Mary Kate's favorite sketchbook pages and journal entries.

The first untitled zine is a collection of Mary Kate's more painterly work including watercolor triptychs, with accompanying written word.

"Ghost" is a zine created in a workshop for domestic abuse survivors. The original piece uses a collage of mediums including magazine cutouts, paint, markers, found images, and original written word.

"Girl Island" is an 8 page collection of digital illustrations of ritualistic items in the life of a femme. 

"Common Fig" is a zine depicting the life cycle of this beautiful fruit. 

 The second untitled zine is shorter and darker, documenting some of the harder parts of the artist's life.